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This is my review and load out of my Veto Tech Pac MC , I went to this bag to downsize what I carry every day. I was previously using the Tech Pac Blackout …

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m c technology
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28 thoughts on “VETO TECH PAC MC BACKPACK REVIEW m c technology”

  1. I ordered this bag a few months ago and sold my larger tech pac, I was carrying way to much and it was causing me to have back problems I'm 36 and don't need back, knees and feet problems,

  2. Are there any European equivalents for this? It looks super useful compared to the crap I've been using but they dont seem to have any dealers in Europe 🙁

  3. Sits low on back u need to pull straps up to raise it up higher,,,great bags or maybe get the new wheeler you will love it mine arrived and the build quality is top notch again and the ability to change the liners ect

  4. The fact that this guy keeps a water hose nozzle in his bag tells me all I need to know! And he wants a bag with wheels! LMFAO! I KEEP MY NOZZLE WITH MY HOSES! no need to keep it in your tool bag if your hoses are somewhere else! C'MON MAN OR FRUITY! Learn how to pack a bag! I can do more from my TECH TP4B AND MY TECH MCT than you can do out of your wheel bag! SOME PEOPLE ARE TOO SOFT TO BE IN HVAC! "COLLECT THEM IN ALL THE FLAVORS"! GEEEEEZ! WHAT IS THE TECH WORLD COMING TOO! "OH! MY PINCHED NERVE!" DUDE I AM 51 AND CAN RUN CIRCLES AROUND YOU AND YOUR WHEELS BAG! 38 AND HAVING TO SLOW DOWN, WHAT A PUSS!!!!!! SNOWFLAKE

  5. Nice review. I have looked at the bags well made but have never had the urge to try one. Have always used the CLC Maintenance bag (H85-563) I think from Johnstone Supply , It used to have the plastic tray in a pouch in the bottom , now its on the side. I can fit everything your blackout has in it for much less. They make a smaller one that tips 100% of the time I don't recommend that one . But why go with the backpack I've never understood?

  6. I am 62 and I know what you mean to down size. I do hvac which includes oil gas electric equipment some timed I wonder if I should have chosen a different profession. I love working with my hands. Two back operations ,two torn rotor cuffs and a torn quadricep only 5 more years to go LOL

  7. I carry just bare essentials now. Still use an open Klein bag but it weights maybe 15 pounds now vs 40 or so in the younger days. As my experience went up my tool usage went down.

  8. I had a pinched nerve, it hurt for months. I ended up going to physical therapy they gave me some stretches that I would do at home and I was back to normal in a couple weeks. Take care of yourself.

  9. Dude, this is the biggest frustration for me. I have a Dewalt bag for basic diagnosis for food equipment and it's a struggle to determine what to keep and get rid of. I also have an electricians vest that I get to struggle with as well.

  10. Just ordered one of these for my dad. He’s had similar issues. Give us an update couple months down the road on how you like it. I might have to switch as well!!

  11. I like this new channel and the concept of it. It so nice to see that there are different guys testing the same things. Please keep up this nice work! With the best regards from Germany, Tobias

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