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Modern Farming Machines & Technology for amazing productivity technology machine

Amazing farming technology for a higher level of productivity…









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Modern Farming Machines & Technology for amazing productivity

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Modern Farming Machines & Technology for amazing productivity
technology machine
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  2. Como e belo vê as máquinas trabalhando tudo dentro dos conformes , acredito que trilhões de dolares são gastos por ano nessas maquinas , tudo chega mas rapido e com higiene na mesa do consumidor
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  4. Eco-friendly everywhere
    Item Heaven Proposal
    Global Warming Ozone Destroys Environmental Pollution Air Pollution is caused by unstable combustion due to problems in the combustion method wherever the main combustion engines use internal combustion engines and fossil oils. Induction system unit is ready for technology.
    Now, from the United Nations to the rest of the world, we have to spend a lot of money to reduce the environmental pollution soot fine dust (DPF.catalyst, urea water, soot, fine dust reduction device) to be completely burned. We research and develop technology until.
    The difference in technology
    1, Soot fine dust resolution (Headquarters) to item (low cost) "why" (pre-treatment) selection technology
    2, Soot fine dust resolution (Ministry of Environment) to (high cost) "why" (post-treatment) selection technology
    Research and development of complete combustion induction system device item technology from headquarters for 10 years from 2009. Automotive manufacturing researchers engineering engineers (unresolved) the problem of environmental pollution (soot fine dust) caused by unstable combustion during combustion of internal combustion engine. In the 10 years of research and development, the technology that can prevent (soot fine dust) by the complete combustion combustion method (Ministry of Environment) select (Post-treatment method). Our headquarters has developed and possessed a technology (pretreatment method) that completely prevents (soot fine dust) caused by unstable combustion in advance (pretreatment method). Passenger cars Ventri, Tiko vans Damas to Scania) all internal combustion engines are used.
    If the existing internal combustion engine uses simple wally (air furnace + fuel furnace) technology, it immediately converts various air pollutants (soot, fine dust, DPF) by changing its performance from (unsafe combustion) to solid carbonization. Urea water.) Performance is just a method of draining the performance (to see the water in the smell) resolved.
    The (Highly Available) (Smoke Reduction) device recommended by the Ministry of Environment is no longer needed, and we have a complete technology proven for 10 years.
    Since all charters have problems with basic combustion methods of internal combustion engines in the manufacturing process of automobile mica, air pollutants are generated due to unstable combustion and the timing of engine development is important. Why does the combustion of internal combustion engines made by doctors of automobile engineering cause fine dust of environmental pollution due to unsafe combustion? Formerly, these environmental pollutants have been recommended by the Ministry of Environment for the complete combustion (high availability) post-treatment method (soot reduction catalyst DPF).
    Why smoke does happen
    All internal combustion engines Due to the problem of simple combustion method, if time passes, unstable combustion causes (soot dust, ultra fine dust) to be generated in carbonaceous suspended solids.
    If fine dust occurs
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    However, if the problem of generating soot from unstable combustion is the problem of how to completely burn the exhaust by using the exhaust port, why does the Ministry of Environment recommend the installation of a smoke-reducing (high-priced) device of the high smoke reduction? Where (emission reduction DPF) device is installed in a place where emission is good during combustion and noise should be reduced quickly when the engine is exploded. (Good point) is only one simple function (reduction of smoke) .It helps to prevent environmental pollution. It is a problem when (fuel reduction) occurs more than usual due to poor discharge, and (fuel consumption) is more than usual.
    In the case of using the product developed in the headquarters in the vehicle, the complete combustion method is selected in the pre-treatment method. You have to believe that if the water comes out instead of the exhaust gas (soot fine dust) instead of (combustion fine dust) in the exhaust of the vehicles used during combustion. Holds.
    ■ Various vehicles with actual mounting as of 2009-10 years
    Domestic passenger cars : from Tyco.Spark to Genesis.
    Domestic freight cars : Damas, Downer ~ Daewoo, Prima, Hyundai, Axial
    Domestic passenger cars : Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, Volvo, Mustang, Bantry, Jaguar, Cadlock, Chrysler. Till
    Overseas freight cars : Scania, Volvo, Manman, Benz.
    All items : passenger cars, R/V, large buses, large freight cars, large dampers, excavators, heavy equipment, special equipment, tanks, aircraft, outboard aircraft, yachts, fishing boats, external generators, hydro power plants, thermal power plants
    Others : Farm equipment, Yiyanggi, Combaer, Tractor, Sprayer, Poultry farm, Water pump.
     ■ International Eco-friendly Natural Energy Saving System Research Institute
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    E–mail : [email protected]

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