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Home » Joy Reid Dismisses The Gabby Petito Case As 'Missing White Woman Syndrome' financial girl

Joy Reid Dismisses The Gabby Petito Case As 'Missing White Woman Syndrome' financial girl

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The disappearance of Florida woman Gabby Petito has been dubbed as the “missing white woman syndrome” by television host Joy Reid who questioned the lack of similar attention in cases involving people of colour.

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Joy Reid Dismisses The Gabby Petito Case As 'Missing White Woman Syndrome'

Joy Reid Dismisses The Gabby Petito Case As 'Missing White Woman Syndrome'

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Joy Reid Dismisses The Gabby Petito Case As 'Missing White Woman Syndrome'
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30 thoughts on “Joy Reid Dismisses The Gabby Petito Case As 'Missing White Woman Syndrome' financial girl”

  1. I'm not sure if its "Missing White Woman Syndrome" or just "Cute White Woman in the News Syndrome". When an ugly teacher molests a kid, its a blurt in the paper. When a cute white teacher (Debra LaFave) who had posed on calendars molests a student, it's headlines for weeks with court pictures and of course pictures from the calendar. When a cute white woman murders her roommate in Italy (Amanda Knox) its all over the news for months. When the Kardiashians do anything, its in the news. Brittany Spears does anything, its in the news. A cute white woman (Nicole Brown Simpson) is murdered, its all over the news.

    I think the media is the most racist institution in the country.

  2. The problem is that it ok and even welcomed to be openy racist against whites people ? That kind of racism is not considered a hate crime !

  3. Bwahaha…. Omg I just can't. These people, all they see is COMPETITION, one that they always win by default cause of race. This is so middle school. Who got the bigger scab

  4. This is just a sad story, a young women is killed, no matter what color you are. Joy is racist plan and simple, she has a platform yet doesn’t use it

  5. I do think Joy is correct except for the wrong reason. The media love them some murdered blonde girls. Especially when the news cycle isnt in their favor as it is now with Joe Biden barely able to avoid pooping his pants while he mishandles everything he touches. Otherwise the media wouldn't give two shits about some missing girl, or at least they wouldn't have paid it so much attention. It's like with police violence against black people, they don't really give a shit, they just want the clicks and views when it suits them.

  6. I think it's more why some disasters are covered more than others — there's video! There is video of Gabby and her boyfriend being pulled over by police, Gabby is crying and they have clearly been fighting. This gave people a visceral and very immediate "hook" into this story. There was a sense of fatalism about it. It appeared to be a very disturbing example of self abasement common in stories of domestic abuse. Joy would realise this if she were capable of seeing past her own bias.

  7. Sadly, she only stoked racism and did nothing as ALWAYS for missing people of color. Even her segment didnt help the 1 person that she highlighted bc it was for the wrong reasons.

    It must be great to expect others to do what you could.

  8. Well, Joy Reid, you ARE the media. If lack of coverage for missing people of color is lacking and racist, isn't the problem in the lap of the media? Aren't YOU the media? So, by your comment, YOU ARE THE RACIST in this scenario. Stop pointing the finger and start looking in the mirror. You are a shameful excuse for a journalist. Time for you to retire.

  9. Is Joy Reid considered a journalist or reporter? So, is she not condemning herself? And all her own msm ilk? Let Joy Reid do her actual job- go look at police reports- actually visit the indigenous communities of which you speak- put forth the effort— do the research- do your actual job!

  10. Joy Reid is a boob & I'm conservative, but for once in my life I can't help but wonder the same thing.
    I'm not Black, I think BLM is divisive & underhanded w/ money, but still… why don't we hear about these people?
    Is it a bad time to mention it? Yes, and she should bring it to the table at another time, but it's also timely on the other hand.
    I do see how she's using it as a racial tool, but at the same time; because there has been so much emphasis on this girl (& rightly so)
    it does make one wonder why you don't hear about non white missing people very often, but come to think of it
    you don't hear about low income white missing girls either.
    It's simple; Gabby looks like an all American girl, she's on social media & the networks know it's going to bring ratings.
    It's simply what will bring in the dollars.
    No one cares about the fatherless chick who went missing from a truck stop whether she's Black, White or Blue.

  11. I'm quite familiar with the ideas and tribalism/racism all too present in Ifill's narratives, lectures and book. However, even the late Gwen Ifill would surely be able to see past the question of race, and understand the more complex issues involved in this tragic case. Only a very racist, narrow-minded fool like Reid would reduce this to merely a question of racial bias.

    NO ONE is stopping JoyLESS Reid from covering news stories involving missing non-Whites. If this issue is so important to her, then tell me WHY she has consistently failed to report such stories on her newscasts? Why has she at no time previous to this ever featured EITHER of those women on her show? God knows that Reid has had plenty of opportunities to features those women and a shitload of news stories involving missing "people of color" on her fucking show.

    What idiots like JoyLESS Reid fail to understand is that Petito's family deserve MORE than just answers and justice, they deserve RESPECT and UNBIASED SYMPATHY; especially from the fucking media and its shit for brains 'journalists' like Reid. Reid has sunk to a new low with her latest rant.

  12. Joy Reid come every city and do foot work like Chicago and hear from parents about their kids funerals. And their pain. It,s happening every damn day. And while your at it figure how to stop shootings.

  13. Hey Joy, aren't you a reporter/journalist? While whining about white girl news coverage, have you ever, personally, attempted to delve into the circumstances involving the disappearance on any black woman—Ever?
    Real investigative journalism is a lot of work; it's just much easier to complain about shit isn't it?

  14. And one more thing we really shouldn't look at it that way but it's the human nature in US you have her family that's hurting really really bad her stepdad her dad her mom I just cannot imagine what they must be going through families that have lost loved one that people have murdered

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