HOW THE STOCK MARKET WORKS | Stock Market 101 for beginners | Philippine Stock Exchange financial investment for beginners

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HOW does the stock market work? How can we invest in the stock market if we don’t understand it? Today, we discuss what stocks are, why companies sell their stocks, and how we can invest in the stock market. It seems like a daunting and overwhelming world but in this video, I try to simplify and explain how it works. This is to cover the basics and I will be making more Stock Market 101 videos in the future.

Dealing with personal finances, especially since it’s not taught in school can be quite hard and confusing. I hope this video and this channel will help you out in the challenges we are facing right now with personal finance, entrepreneurship and adulting in general.

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►Outline :
Introduction & Features : 0:00
Start of Video : 0:48
1 What are Stocks?: 1:17
2 Why companies sell their stocks: 2:10
3 The Stock Market: 2:56
4 How you can earn: 3:22
5 How & why prices fluctuate: 4:32
6 How to trade: 6:56
7 Choose & buy stocks: 7:57

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HOW THE STOCK MARKET WORKS | Stock Market 101 for beginners | Philippine Stock Exchange

HOW THE STOCK MARKET WORKS | Stock Market 101 for beginners | Philippine Stock Exchange

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HOW THE STOCK MARKET WORKS | Stock Market 101 for beginners | Philippine Stock Exchange
financial investment for beginners
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Ready2Adult PH 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

You can watch all my stock market/investing videos here :

Kyle Vincent Villamor 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

gonna watch this video

Diaz, Francisk 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Thank you so much for being significantly helpful. I'm currently a 3rd-year college student taking finance.

jeahan lidasan 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Hi! Is Stock and share the same thing?

Reynald Toldanes 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Hi ms. Charm, yung WISE INVESTORS PH po ba na FB group nagbago ng name na WISE INVESTORS PH ASIA?

EmJay gasnalab 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Very informative video. Thank you

Giannis Sala 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

thanks for such info….may I ask if you are a CPA?

Tom Cruz 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Maam paki-share naman yong mga books mo regarding stock market investments.

cy- taku 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

hello I'm still 15 and I want to know for you to get the money doo you need a bank account so the money you can go somewhere sorry if this question sounded dumb

Trisha Mae Rosales 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Thank you for this!!!! :)))))

Fe Bardilas 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Thank to you.. I learned a lot about stock…

luna lovegood 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Hi, Ate Charm! I hope you'll make more stock market-related videos! Thank you ~ <3

April joy Codoy 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Why other people don't know about stock market? And why other people said it's a scam

fg 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

very helpful thanks

Raymund Rapas 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Just watch news, she right need research to the company you invest

psei trends 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Can i challenge you in trading grounds?

D'Antonio lll 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

I want to know more about investing..

Steven andrew 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Miss Stella is legit and her method works like magic I keep earning every single week with her new strategy

dens tv 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

maganda na matalino pa:)

Emily Gibson 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

I've always wanted to know more about this market but have never been able to find a resource that provided clear and UNDERSTANDABLE directions. Until now! Thank you for this video!

Jade Barry 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

clear and concise explanation very well said

Khaizz Tv 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Hi ma’am good day … actually I really interesting the stock market but unfortunately I was scared and doubtful…because I don’t know how to stock market

Cezar John Ibay 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Sobrang galing mo po mag explain! Kudos to u

Crimson Delta PH 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Im confused pero I will manage. Still 12 so yea.

Richard’s World 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Thank you teh new subscriber here keep it up!.❤️

Emmanuel Toribio 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

I am 18 years old currently getting into the stock market, I love how simple and straightforward your explanations are, keep up the good work!

Jamilla Bonganay 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Ganito dapat pinapanood. Ang dami kong hindi alam about sa mga ganitong bagay or usapin. Good thing na nakita ko to recommendation ko sa yt. although meron ako mga hindi naiintindihan pero nanjan naman si google pra isearch, ang dami natutunan.

Grade 11_HUMSS - Adolfo, Carmela Dawn T. 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Thank you so much for this video!! I am 17 years old and I've always been so curious and interested about stock market and how it works and I must say I've learned a lot from your video! Thank u so much!!

ModernDisappointment 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

I need 2 more years FML…

MoisesTV 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Thanks for sharing maam

Yohj Orzame 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Thanks for the information!

penelope 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Thank you for the detailed explanation, ate! I am into reading po kasi may mairrecommend ka po bang book about stocks, stock market, investing, etc? Hoping po for your response. Stay safe po always!

AKADOTES 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Thanks for the info.

Kazan Dra 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Now I understand. Thank you po!

frankie 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Big thank you, Ms. Charm! Looking forward to more informative videos like this. <3

Mark Rosario 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

I'm 14 and am thinking of doing stocks,thank you for teaching me!

Beth Filamor 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

Mam gd pm gusto ko sumali Sa stack market Pano po PWD na 5000 umpisa09618794809

xie 25/09/2021 - 4:31 PM

hi! pls recommend some books abt investing n stock market <33


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