How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021 digital marketing business

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2020 was a crazy year, especially because of COVID. But a lot of things have changed, from algorithms to people going after companies like Facebook from being a monopoly, to voice search controlling roughly 50% of the searches in the United States according to Comscore. But 2020 is over, what’s going to happen in 2021?


The digital marketing landscape is saturated, especially due to COVID, everyone’s coming online, and what would have happened five years from now has already happened due to COVID.

In essence, it’s pushed all these businesses online, made it super competitive so nowadays everyone is leveraging digital marketing. So how do you get a leg up on the competition and win in 2021?

Well, the first trend I have for you is page speed. It’s going to be more important than ever. Not only are we seeing it with an increase in conversions that is causing sites when they improve their page speed, but we’re also seeing that it increases their traffic and their rankings.

One trick or hack that you can do and we do this with the website is load your non-static files from CDNs. CDNs are also known as a content delivery network. We’re seeing conversion increases for up to seven percent.

The second trend that we’re seeing is content length won’t matter as much. And I’m talking about text-based content. Everyone used to create content based on the length being like, oh if we want to rank at the top, it needs to be super long, we need to have all these keywords in there, this percentage.

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In 2021, I want you to make your audio length and your video length longer. We’re seeing audio and video length that’s over 10 minutes perform better than shorter versions that are only three, four or even five minutes. On the flip side, if you make your audio and video length 20, 30 minutes, we’re not seeing it have as big of an impact compared to just having it 10 minutes.

As I mentioned and this is the trend number three, as I mentioned earlier, there is no Holy grail of digital marketing because it’s super competitive. That means one thing, one hack will not get you that silver bullet that just helps you beat your competition. It’s about getting those little marginal gains.

Trend number four, how high you rank will matter more than ever. If you look at older data, it shows that, hey, if you’re rank at the top of Google, you’re going to get more clicks than if you ranked number two, three, four, or five.

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But what I believe is going to happen with Google taking up more and more listings because they need a hit curling earnings numbers and they’re making all these changes to algorithms and sometimes the changes they make may affect paid ads, sometimes they may not, but they got to figure out more ways to monetize if they want to keep growing their cash cow.

Trend number five, repurposing and updating content will be the norm. So when you’re creating content, go super in-depth and I don’t want you to stop with just video, also look at audio. Podcasting is booming right now, but there’s not that many podcasts in the grand comparison compared to blogs out there. Don’t worry about duplicate content. None of these platforms are penalizing for duplicate content.

Trend number six, backlinks won’t matter as much. With user signals, does it really matter if a site has a million backlinks or two million backlinks? Not really, what really matters to users is is a site more relevant.

Trend number seven, brands will have more power than ever. It’s not just Google. With Facebook, with Clubhouse, whatever platform that you’re going to go and leverage, if you have a brand, it’s easier to get followers, it’s easier to get reach, it’s easier to get more sales.

There’s so much fake news going out there, there’s a lot of corruption with people just saying whatever online to make a quick buck that if you have a brand, you’re much more likely to do better in the long run, so make sure you focus on building that brand because people trust brands, search engines, social platforms, they all trust brands more, and you’ll see more as well.

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So think about the rule of seven, how you can interact with someone seven times, whether it’s through email, push, messenger bots, all this stuff helps you reach that number which is what creates more loyal followers for your business or even personal brand.

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How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021

How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021

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How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021
digital marketing business
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Hey neil,
I am looking for specialization in marketing automation but don't know what can i do?
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Thanks Neil! Focusing on page speed and optimizing our website/ client websites is one of our priorities, glad to see it's impactful for SEO and conversions! We have also changed our blog set up to be more user-friendly and to support our short, sweet, and simple content. How about video content being the move of the year? We've been adding that to our marketing strategy and can't wait to see the results.

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