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Home » Ark Invest Big Ideas: DEEP LEARNING ($30 trillion by 2037) financial deepmind

Ark Invest Big Ideas: DEEP LEARNING ($30 trillion by 2037) financial deepmind

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In this video I react to and share my thoughts an opinions on research from Ark Invest’s Big Ideas 2021 Report, focusing on the impact of deep learning which Ark Invest believe will create $30 trillion in market capitalization in the stock market by 2037 (in just 15 years). In short, DEEP LEARNING will be bigger than the internet.


Tags: #Tesla #TeslaStock #TSLA #ArkInvest #DeepLearning

As always, in this video I’m just sharing my #investment thinking process and my reasoning. Keep using your own brain. Don’t be a sheep. 🐑

I love you all,

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p.s. Share your thoughts below. I read ALL your comments. .

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Ark Invest Big Ideas: DEEP LEARNING ($30 trillion by 2037)

Ark Invest Big Ideas: DEEP LEARNING ($30 trillion by 2037)

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Ark Invest Big Ideas: DEEP LEARNING ($30 trillion by 2037)
financial deepmind
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33 thoughts on “Ark Invest Big Ideas: DEEP LEARNING ($30 trillion by 2037) financial deepmind”

  1. Consider that humans have an entire logic center completely dedicated to language and there are many right answers where the world around us is a little more absolute

  2. Hi Steven, If someone had their conventional retirement accounts set and wanted to "play" with some investment money, would you recommend Tesla or ARKG or perhaps another ARK fund? Thank you, I love your videos.

  3. Agree that intuitively one might think vision would be harder to solve than language understanding, except if you look at nature, you can see many examples of relatively primitive animals with advanced vision systems, but no other animals with the complexed language understanding that humans have achieved

  4. Yeah, when you combine the right mindset with the right business model, you'll be able to blow up your net worth. That's what happened to me when I kept listening to these kinds of videos and found Ippei & Dan's local lead gen business model, which enabled me to quit my job and scale my income to $25k a month in an 18 month period by building simple digital assets that provide monthly mailbox money.

  5. So I fed one of Gordon Johnson's financial analyst videos into gpt3 and this is what it said.
    Sit down. Do not operate heavy machinery. Get help immediately to align with realty. Seek help with eating and test cardio condition asap. Lay down until help arrives.

  6. Here's what you're missing: This leads to The Singularity, which will figure out how to automate everything. Humans will no longer need to work. Everything will be free and everybody will have equal access to everything. Money, stocks, bitcoin, bartering will be as irrelevant as scuba gear in the Sahara.

  7. Your replay of Sandy Monroe’s interview earlier today was good, but I think it is important that you make a video on Tesla Owning the patent for the Giga Press. Tesla not only formulated the specialized steel, it had the patent for the Giga Press to use it’s special formula. So the Italian company manufacturing it for them, is a hired manufacturer. So a competitor has to also design a Giga Press, develop new steel and understand its use along with what parts it replaces. Harder than people may understand. Giving Tesla an additional barrier to entry by competitors. Thank you. I do hope you read this.

  8. There is a SPAC that is taking public, STEM, Inc. Its an AI energy storage company that helps utilities and customers optimize their energy usage. This sounds very similar to Tesla's auto-bidder platform. Do you think this could upend Tesla's energy business as they are first to market and Tesla is clearly focusing on EVs at the moment?

  9. Industries deep learning can "disrupt":
    – agriculture
    – energy (production and consumption)
    – industrial production (automating production with robots trained with DL)
    – health and safety
    – security (in the real world and digital)
    – health and medicine
    – trading and investing
    – any other industry that has not been "disrupted" or been through a major redesign and digitalization in the last 10-15 years

  10. We need AI for X-ray and MRI diagnosis. Humans are terrible at reading both. We see two dimensions and our brain makes three. Xrays and MRI are two-dimensional replications of a 3 dimensional object.

  11. Look, your favorite genius stock analyst is cited in an article where they appear to spin his information as a positive. I might be wrong, but he probably didn't mean it this way. Too funny

  12. I loved this. Thank you Steven. Deep learning is the future.

    I rarely disagree with Cathie but I wholeheartedly disagree with her views regarding Palantir. They are not the future. In fact, I don’t think they align with the whole socially conscious investing thing that ARK prides themselves on. If we’ve learned anything from this decade it’s that the truth will eventually come out.

  13. A good application with a huge business oppertunity are lovely personalised deepfake videos to create nice moments alone. No joke, I am dead serious.

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