Architecting a Modern Financial Institution financial institutions

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Edward Wible and Rafael Ferreira discuss the key elements that make Nubank tick for millions of customers every day, including transaction authorization, messaging infrastructure (Kafka), real-time double-entry accounting (Datomic), customer and temporal sharding, their analytical environment and the role of predictive models, and some key security decisions they made along the way.

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Architecting a Modern Financial Institution

Architecting a Modern Financial Institution

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Architecting a Modern Financial Institution
financial institutions
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Ar Nazeh 24/09/2021 - 1:10 AM

Don't mind me please I am just testing!

Marco Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez 24/09/2021 - 1:10 AM

El sector también tiene una función transaccional, ya que facilita el pago de bienes y servicios y de esta manera, el comercio e intercambio entre personas, empresas y países. Al permitir el uso de tecnología y de diferentes medios de pago con amplia aceptación reduce costos transaccionales.

Onkar Jaliminche 24/09/2021 - 1:10 AM

communication skills and fluency in English are important… This is also the main takeaway from this video.

Sinpleplayer 24/09/2021 - 1:10 AM

I like the quality of content on this channel, I learn a lot from every video. I'm amazed I found it only now.

Aishwarya Lakshmi 24/09/2021 - 1:10 AM

This was fascinating – I would love to hear an updated version about how their architecture has evolved/changed now in 2020.

Renato Alencar 24/09/2021 - 1:10 AM

Aaaaah, agora eu por que vocês tem prod-global e prod-s0 naquelas URLs codificadas em base64.

ganganna p 24/09/2021 - 1:10 AM

i cant download the slides can you pls help??

5ky 5tories 24/09/2021 - 1:10 AM

Amazing presentation! Nice insights on units sharding. Thanks for sharing!


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