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24hrs financial education

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Financial Education

This is a Jeremy Lefebvre Production

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Created by Jeremy Lefebvre

LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch! .

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financial education
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29 thoughts on “24hrs financial education”

  1. I was waiting for a video from you on Trulieve’s correction. It has been on my watch list for months after doing my own DD research inspired from a vid of yours months ago. I finally bought at 31-32 last week as a large conviction position. This video validated my thoughts on the company’s long term value. Thanks as always for your thorough research! This is a great long term value play!

  2. stock investing is 99% temperament and 1% knowledge. That is, even after you have done full research and pinpointed on a name, you still get 1/100. focus on 99! That's where you differentiate between the best and the rest.

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